Tighten vaginal tissue after surgery

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It's no secret that having a baby can stretch things out below the belt. And, according to Khloe Kardashianher sisters have found a nonsurgical way to tighten it back up. It's like their discussion back and forth.

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Confession: I wet my pants. I pee a little when I'm running to catch up with my speedy toddler. I pee a little when I sneeze.

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Vaginoplasty is a procedure that aims to "tighten up" a vagina that's become slack or loose from vaginal childbirth or ageing. Vaginal surgery can involve both the tightening of the vaginal pelvic floor, as well as rebuilding and reinforcing the perineal muscles on the outside of the vagina. Vaginal stretching can occur as a result of the natural process of ageing, or after childbirth where the vagina does not recover its appearance of its pre-pregnancy state.

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Dear Dr G, Thank you for your informative and entertaining article each week. My wife and I often look forward to your articles. This brightens up our weekend on a dull Sunday. We have a problem.

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The FemiWand, designed for vaginal rejuvenation, promises to transport your most intimate area back in time using ultrasound. The procedure is somewhat non-invasive and it is completely non-surgical, but it will involve casting your modesty aside for the duration of the treatment. The ultrasound is perfectly safe, and unlike lasers can go beyond the surface of the vaginal tissue to intensify the effects of the treatment.

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It can be undertaken to rebuild the pelvic floor when the vagina tissue and muscle has been severely stretched. Stretching typically occurs during childbirth, when the muscles of the vagina loosen and stretch during a natural delivery. During the operation, most patients go under general anaesthetic, which means the procedure is pain-free.

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Human beings have still not fully adapted to take into account bipedalism the fact that they walk on two legs instead of four. Amongst the problems this causes is back pain, which is highly common amongst humans but very rare in animals. Another problem caused by walking on two legs is suffered by women who have to bear the entire weight of the foetus during pregnancy, a nine-month period in which their pelvic muscles have to support more weight than usual.

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Before I had children, my sex life was wonderful. After the birth of my first daughter, who was on the bigger side over eight pounds and delivered vaginally, I noticed that sex was a little different, which I assumed was normal. Flash forward to two kids later, and I literally couldn't feel anything when my husband and I would have sex.

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The idea that you can develop a "loose" vagina from too much sex is a myth created by capitalism and the patriarchy to feed vagina insecurity and sell you dumb products. Or at least, that's the theory I subscribe to after learning about "vagina tightening" pills and the tragically titled "18 Again" cream. I can confirm that you can have rigorous penetrative sex with penises, dildos, and even fists and your vagina won't "stretch out.

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We respect your privacy. But before you consider genital cosmetic surgeryknow that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists ACOG is raising a red flag on these procedures. The definition of genital cosmetic surgery varies from practitioner to practitioner, but generally, it is surgery to reshape the vaginal area and tighten vaginal muscles that have become lax because of childbirth, weight fluctuations, or age.


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