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When they were captured by Fortuno , she used her cat-like skills to escape and warn Yuma only to be possessed by Fortuno, returning to normal after he told Yuma he had his friends and wanted his "Numbers". Lose with Tori Meadows ; Baseball Field. When angered, she has a tendency to lash out at Flip with her cat claws, scratching his face this is cut from the dub. Yuma realized he had forgotten his Heart Pieces. Cathy decided to ask her cats to find one, quipping that its a shame that she Tori can't do the same with birds.

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She would lose the Duel in the end, being the first opponent Yuma defeated without the assistance of Astral or his " Numbers ".

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Cat Girl (archetype)

Her obsession goes to the point that she decorates almost the entire interior of her house with cat-themed paraphernalia. Later, she overheard Yuma's conversation with Astral about Kite. Heartland threw for the finalists. She has black and white over-knee high socks and black shoes.

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