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Even after treatment, infants born with significant differences in their anatomies are less likely to have full control of their bowels and bladder when they get beyond the age of toilet training. Request Appointment Online to schedule with one of our coordinators. Once children are old enough to assist in their own care, they sometimes benefit from a secondary surgery called the MACE procedure Malone Antegrade Continence Enema. There may be no opening where the anus should be. Depending on the circumstances, surgery may be performed between birth and three months of age. Children with intermediate abnormalities may take bowel medications to thicken the stool and aid their natural continence. The MACE procedure allows children to adopt a predictable regimen that keeps them empty during the day by flushing the colon each night.

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In more advanced cases, the bladder and the rectum are connected in a ways that cause problems with the passage of urine and feces.

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In mild cases of imperforate anus, children may have lifelong control of their bowels without assistance. These babies often require pediatric general surgeons to repair the rectum and intestinal tract, and pediatric urologists to reconstruct genitals and the urinary tract. Boys may have undescended testes or malformation of the penis.

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