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Here are some other things to try: Start on top. You can move your hand and then put it back to tease her a bit. Feel out the situation to see what she wants. Now that you're kissing, you can be a bit more assertive with your touches. This doesn't mean you should stock up on Funyuns and Cheez-its to impress your girl.

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Emmalee. Age: 32.
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You two may love going to the zoo or splurging at the Pancake House, but this is not the time.

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Jennifer. Age: 21.
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Kick things up a notch by lightly biting her neck or her ears. If you lean a little closer than normal to your girlfriend, she'll want to kiss you and to be closer to you. You can even light a few candles if it doesn't violate a fire code. Don't just kiss her for five minutes straight -- take a break every minute or two to gaze into her eyes and to make her want you even more.

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