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is nagisa from assassination classroom a boy
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He doesn't usually get mad when someone mistakes him to be a girl, except when Hibiki did it one day and Nagisa snapped into showing his private parts. Nagisa's Final Smash is Death Clap. Nagisa became great friends with the half-Sheikah, due to their shared interest in assassins and the fact Killua was a boy. Hiromi panickingly questions all this, and Nagisa makes her realize that when he's with the Kids Next Door, he's saving the world, having fun with friends, and he's happy. Nagisa also utilizes pistols with Antikill bullets, and while using Life Return to extend his nails, he attaches Antikill to said nails, and he also spreads it on his teeth to bite his opponent. However, she decides to keep Nagisa as a hostage and force Nolan to help further with this conspiracy investigation, so Nagisa cannot accompany Nolan on his main mission.

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When Nagisa arrives, Hiromi shows him a website that says the hospital is offering sex changes to year-olds, and plans to take Nagisa for his birthday.

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Nagisa Shiota

When Fanali is attacked by Slade Wilson and Chase Young, Index comes up with a plan for Nagisa and Morgiana to confess their love to each other, which would enable Chelia to power them up. Nagisa dreads coming home to her and feels like a helpless doll under her care. Hiromi realizes that the Kids Next Door helped him mature better than she ever could, and her son truly is a man, not a woman.

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